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“Thinking outside the Building” by Kanter Report (Assessment)- by EduBirdie

The fluctuating market often demands changes in a company, so that it stays successful. Some businesses are world known organizations that have seen rough times but managed to adjust to the world and the economy. Some changes took place several years ago but the major one was accomplished through innovation and is rather recent.

Assessment on “Thinking outside the Building” by Kanter

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An article “Thinking outside the Building” by Kanter talks about specific adjustments that took place, increasing the role of innovation and a more customer oriented work technique. The employers have also changed some of the management that would provide a shift from hardware to software focus.

The technologies were upgraded that made work more efficient and much faster. A great part of the need to change came with the culture and the public demands. The new technology that gets improved very often dictates how the company will work within its own culture, as well as with the public. The studies have shown that there is a deep relationship between a business and the customer.

The more satisfied a person is, the better their response leading to higher input. As such, communication between people providing a specific service plays a key role in loyalty and recommendations. The solution is for businesses to get involved with the customers, think further by adjusting to the needs and giving specifically what is being wanted.

A lot rests on the way a business is done and any change in the products will influence the sensitive and fragile relationship between the production company and the consumer. There has to be a steady management of the materials that are used in the company, constant making sure that all the required products and materials that are needed for the business are in place and edubirdie.com the monitoring of the quality of the production (Kanter, 2010).

“The Must-Haves for Growth: Entrepreneurial Spirit and www.sitejabber.com Focus on Core Competencies” by Chaifez talks about core competencies in business. The first important point is they must be defined correctly while the second one deals will staying down to earth and keeping “an entrepreneurial value”, even after large development.

The sustainability in operations management is the making sure that the products and services are properly delivered to the customers. There also has to be a constant development and bettering of products and services, as to best adjust to the changing market and economy, as well as the demands. It is very important because the success and future of the business depend on it.

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The efficiency and quality of the products and services of the company is what determines their position on the market and the future outcomes. For operations management, economical sustainability is one of the key components, as they have to calculate the future matters of the company and find ways to increase their prosperity. They have to work on the assignment of duties, distribution of roles and responsibilities and the resource and capacity management.

When looking at economics, there are few things to have in mind. Different cities and regions have unique and specific economies. The system of trade and relations between businesses are guided by the public, their beliefs and understanding of the government and the market. By staying entrepreneurial, the connection will not be lost (Chaifetz, 2010).

It is clear that innovation and the involvement of employees will keep the company connected to the public. An interest in personal and public success will reflect in the business and increase profits.


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